Tree Treatment and Maintenance

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Tree Treatment and Tree Health Care Services by Bartlett Tree Pros

If you notice signs of infestation in your trees or you are looking for tree health experts to help maintain your trees, Bartlett Tree Pros have got you covered. From insect and disease control to soil care and tree nutrition, we provide different services that help you maintain the health of your trees. 

We can also provide you with tree planting or transplanting services if you are starting a new landscape design. Contact our tree arborists today to take great care of your trees.

Treatment of Diseases and Infestations in Trees 

As a locally owned and operated tree company in Bartlett, we know all there is to know about treating disease and infestation and other tree health care services that you might need. Our tree treatment experts understand how important trees are to your environment, landscape, and even as an investment. That is why we make use of responsible, appropriate, and environmentally friendly treatment for your trees.

We would fully evaluate your trees, and our Bartlett Tree Pros are able to diagnose the disease or the insect that is causing the problem. Then, we would assess the situation and provide you with a strategy for the tree treatment. Our treatments are of high quality and meet all ethical standards. 

Issues We Treat in Bartlett, IL 

We treat a wide range of issues for trees in Bartlett, IL. Here are some of the diseases and infestations that we provide tree treatment too. 

Emerald Ash Borer

If you have an infestation of emerald ash borer larvae, which is feeding on your ash trees, you can contact us for your tree treatment. Some of the signs of this are canopy dieback, holes in the bark, woodpecker activity, or feeding galleries under the trees. We can provide treatment every two years with our natural chemical injection. 

Japanese Beetles 

You might also be dealing with Japanese beetles, which is an invasive pest that attacks maple, plum, apple, and cherry trees, birches, and lindens. You might notice the browning or skeleton of leaves and premature defoliation. Contact Bartlett Tree Pros, and we will spry your trees during June or July. 

Oak Wilt

We can also provide you with treatments for oak wilt infestations. Oak trees usually need trimming from October to March. But, if the trees are prematurely dying off or there is burnt foliage, we will need to inspect your tree for oak wilt and provide extensive treatment. 

Tree Removal and Care Services in the Bartlett Area

Spider Mites, Needle Casts, and Bagworms

If you have spider mites, they will suck the chlorophyll and plant juices from the leaves and will quickly build up their population. If you notice webby or your foliage dropping prematurely, you might have one of these insects. We spray your spruce trees to get rid of these problems from the spring. 

Fire Blight 

You might also be dealing with fire blight, which is a very destructive disease that causes branch mortality or will kill your tree completely. Contact us to provide systematic application, pruning, and fertilization today. 

Tree Health Care Assessment and Service

At Bartlett Tree Pros, we have a team of certified tree arborists that can take great care of your trees, keeping them looking great and healthy. We can provide you with a comprehensive assessment of your trees, keeping them in great shape. We closely look at the leaves, branches, bark, and truck to check for signs of infestation and disease and then recommend a solution. We also provide soil assessment, tree root protection, and tree planting services. 

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Contact Bartlett Tree Pros for your tree treatment services today! We provide complete tree assessment and treatment of infestations and diseases you might be dealing with. Contact us, and we will provide you with an affordable quote.