Tree Pruning and Tree Trimming Service

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Tree Pruning and Tree Trimming Service in Bartlett, IL

If you want to keep your trees healthy, you need to provide them with regular maintenance in the form of tree pruning, tree chipping, and tree trimming services. Our experts at Bartlett Tree Pros focus on trimming and pruning your tree branches, keeping them protected during storms, and ensuring that they are growing the same way.

Trimming and pruning services are focused on allowing light and air to get into the tree and preventing overgrowth. But if it is not done properly, it can kill the tree. That’s why you need experts to help you with tree pruning and trimming services. Contact Bartlett Tree Pros today for your tree maintenance.

Tree Trimming Services

Bartlett Tree Pros provides quality tree trimming services that allow your trees to grow the right way. We would inspect your trees to figure out how best to trim them. Using the ideal lateral cutting, we are able to remove the right amount of foliage from your trees. 

Tree trimming is an important service to reshape and maintain mature trees. With trimming, we get rid of dead or broken branches, overgrown bushes, and unwanted clutter. Contact us for your residential and commercial tree trimming services. 

Tree Pruning Services

You can also contact Bartlett Tree Professionals to prune your trees to perfection. We prune your trees to ensure proper growth and health of your trees. We can climb hard-to-reach trees, and our team is certified to work around power lines, making it easy for us to prune your trees effectively. 

When tree pruning, we get rid of structural defects in your tree, remove dying or diseased growth, shape the tree and allow for new growth, increase the air and light into the tree and your property, and control the tree size so it does not pose a hazard next time. 

Tree Chipping Services

We also provide tree-chipping services to residential and commercial properties in Bartlett, IL. Tree chipping is used to remove and get rid of limbs and branches of the tree. After cutting the limbs and branches during tree trimming and pruning, we make use of our cutting-edge tree chippers to cut down the materials and properly dispose of them. 

Regular Tree Maintenance

Our experts provide regular tree maintenance to keep your trees and landscape looking healthy and vibrant. We provide tree thinning services to remove dead leaves and branches, ensuring that the rest of the tree is receiving enough nutrition.

We also provide tree crown reduction services that you can depend on. At Bartlett Tree Pros, we can lower the crown of the tree in your yard. Our team consists of certified and experienced tree climbers that can safely reach the top of the tree and reduce the crown without further damage. 

Our Bartlett Tree Pros also provide tree canopy lifting, which is a maintenance technique that allows more light to travel through the tree and reach the garden below. It will also improve the light that enters your home.

If you have hedges and shrubs in your landscape, we can provide you with hedge-trimming services. Pruning and clipping your hedges will keep them in great shape. 

Contact Us For Tree Trimming and Pruning Services

Are you in need of tree pruning and tree trimming services? Contact our experts at Bartlett Tree Pros for your trimming and maintenance services today. We will regularly care for your trees and provide you with consistent care, ensuring they grow healthy and continue to beautify your landscape.