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Professional Tree Removal Services in Bartlett, IL

Rely on Bartlett Tree Pros to remove a tree before it becomes a hazard to your family and your property! We work with a fully insured and experienced team that can efficiently remove a tree using top-notch equipment. The tree might be standing in the way of new construction, damaged from wind, age, or storms, dead or diseased, or simply a safety hazard. Regardless of the reason, you can depend on our tree professionals to assess the situation and safely remove your trees. Contact us today!

Tree Removal Services

Although tree removal is usually the last resort after treatment, sometimes, that’s the best thing you can do to protect your family and your property. Luckily, Bartlett Tree Pros provides quick, efficient, and professional tree removal services in Bartlett, IL. We can remove trees that are very hard to access or remove them in the backyard from the road or driveway. 

Our experts will assess the situation and figure out the right approach, whether you need a bucket truck and climbers or a remote-controlled truck. We can remove your trees without causing any damage to your yard or property. 

Stump Grinding Services

You can also hire our tree experts for your stump grinding services in Bartlett, IL. We make use of state-of-the-art tree stump grinder equipment to grind your stumps to about six inches below grade and then get rid of the debris.

Stumps on your property can be an eyesore and even a safety hazard, especially for the elderly and children.  Stumps can also attract insects, pests, and diseases that can spread to your entire landscape. If the roots of your tree stump are too long and even reach your foundation, it would be too risky to remove them entirely. That is why we provide stump grinding to level the stump. 

Stump Removal Solutions

Our experts at Bartlett Tree Pros also provide tree stump removal services. With our tree stump removal, we can excavate a stump from our yard without causing any damage. Our machine will dig around the stump and pluck it out with the bucket and thumb. We can do this without any damage to your property.

Land/Lot Clearing

At Bartlett Tree Pros, we provide land-clearing services that you can trust. Whether it’s a large plot of land or a small lot, we can help you clear the land and give you a clean slate. Our experts will clear the land by getting rid of the trees, shrubs, and other plants that might be there.

We provide tree services to utility companies that need immediate clearing, construction companies that want to start building a new structure, residential and commercial clients, and even area farmers in Bartlett who need to remove invasive species or clear their land for new planting.

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Do you need tree removal services on your residential or commercial property? You can contact our Bartlett Tree Pros for your tree removal services. Our experts provide stump grinding and removal, and land clearing. Our experts provide commercial and residential tree removal that you can trust. Contact us today!